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The markings are silk screened directly onto the metal cans with enamel ink just like originals. These are not paper labels glued onto the cans. These are the only reproduction cans marked correctly with silk-screened markings using the correct fonts and nomenclature seen on WWII cans. The B units are printed in black, and the M-units are printed in red.
The top of the can is embossed with the manufacturers' name and packing date: in this case 3-42. This is the way the cans were marked early in the war.

Along the rear seam of the can, I handpaint a "lead solder" seam to simulate the original method of sealing the seam.

Although these cans are the most authentic c-rations on the market today, they do not have the sardine-can "twist key" opener. To open these cans, you will need a trusty P-38 can opener (which was introduced in WWII).
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